21 April 2010


My mother was made queen as I stood at the foot of the Sahel
and watched her illuminate stars from the center of the earth.
She whispers to the wind that I am worthy...
fashioning my namesake with cello beats and silken arcs of obsidian.
My spirit conforms itself to look upon that which I have been given
and I am remembered to a symphony of silence...kissed blue and then green...
birthed in the embrace of afternoon
and sketched in Tamachek across earth moments and desert sky

-Ryan Forbes Morris

19 April 2010

The Jazz Singer Who Died Sweet Honey

The Righteous Thinker (For Warda)

She spoke beautiful words...
and for the first time I saw the sun!
Inhabiting this new position of freedom...
...awakened, vivid crimson BLUE and breathing...
I say that her heart is my own!
Black woman!
...the righteous thinker
who dreamt beloved, abounding summer
of patriarchy.

-Ryan Forbes Morris

26 September 2009

When Cosmic Spiders Spin Silken Atmosphere: Ramadan

more pictures on the way...

27 August 2009

Roots! ROots! RoOts!

Take a look at all the beans and peanuts growing in my yard! The rain is coming down hard in my city!

20 August 2009

11 August 2009


Sorry for the silence! The last few months have been full of work, vacation, and extreme humidity. In May, I flew from Paris to Chicago, and met my mom, Aunt Cheryl, and Cousin Pat. I then took a bus to Indianapolis to see my brother, my godparents, old roommates, and all of my friends that are still in Indiana. After a week, I flew to California to spend more time with friends and relatives. Then, My family and I took a wondeful cruise to Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. We relaxed on white sand beaches shaded by lush mountains, swam in gentle, pristine ocean water, and ate delicious...delicious...delicious food! Here's a pictorial representation of what I did while I was in America:

So, what have I been up to since I've been back in Niger?

1. Running...lots of Running.

2. English Club- The American Embassy was gracious enough to sponser an American Corner at my MJC (maison de la jeunesse et de la culture). So they now have internet, computers, and a brand new paint job. I have been teaching english there four times a week and I love it! The students are really motivated, and my counterparts are amazing.

3. Listening to music! I got so much new music while I was in America. My iPOD definitely needed a change-up. I've also been drinking a lot of tea with my neighbors!

4. VATing! I was a volunteer assistant trainer for two weeks in August. We received new volunteers in July and I helped the director of our education program faciliate technical sessions at our training site. It was a wonderful time, and it was really great to meet everyone, and to be on the "otherside" of volunteer training.

5. Gardening! My neighbors and I planted peanuts and beans in my concession! I'll post pictures soon to show you how much everything has grown!

Current albums on rotation:

Stevie Wonder "Talking Book"
The Foreign Exchange "Leave It All Behind"
Orchestre Baka de Gbine "Gati Bongo"

and lots of Zap Mama

Currently reading : The Autiobiography of Malcolm X (had to revist this a second time!)