02 July 2008

Complex Simplicity: PC Niger Packing List


o Water resistant Nike windbreaker

o 3 pairs of black, long, bacteria-resistant socks

o 1 pair of ankle socks (exercise)

o 15 pairs of cotton underwear/boxer briefs

o 10 plain, solid-colored cotton t-shirts & V-neck shirts

o 2 exercise sweat-resistant shirts

o 3 cotton button-down dress shirts

o 3 logo t-shirts

o 2 pairs of light running shorts

o 2 pairs light cotton pants

o 1 brown cargo pant

o 2 dress pants (1 khaki, 1 solid black)

o Belts (one-size fits all belt)

o Two hats (1 brimmed, 1 baseball)

o 1 pair black jeans

o Swimtrunks

o 1 Nike fleece


o 1 pair of running shoes

o 1 pair of Chacos hiking sandals

o 2 pair of Havaiana “Top” flip-flops

o 1 pair of dress shoes


o Thin, compactable microfiber towel

o Nail clippers

o Titanium scissors

o Face lotion/astringent

o Soap/Shampoo

o Toothpaste

o Two pairs of sunglasses

o Toothpaste & Floss

o Battery-powered beard trimmer

o Hair clippers


o 1 Leatherman tool

o 1 retractable serrated knife

o 1 AA-battery powered flashlight

o 2 Camelbak nalgene bottles

o 1 bottle of pico de gallo

o Zip lock bags

o Turkey Jerky

o Nutrigrain bars

o Fruit snacks

o Instant drink mixes

o Grapefruit seed extract tablets & drops


o Light, compactable synthetic down sleeping bag

o Compactable synthetic down pillow

o Free-standing mosquito net tent

o Hostel travel sheet

o Clothes line & clips for hang-dry clothing

o 5 packs of black writing pens

o Small dustpan

o Canon Powershot digital camera/carrying-case

o 2 retractable USB flashdrives (1 2GB, 1 256MB)

o Waterproof watch

o Batteries ( a lot)

o Day Pack

o Solio Solar charger (for iPod & cellphone)

o Hiking backpack (with frame)

o Luggage locks

o U.S. Driver’s License

o Passport

o 12 Passport photos

o Duct tape

o 30 GB iPod w/ water-proof & dust-proof Otterbox carrying case

o Chewable Pepto-Bismol & Imodium AD

o 2 rolls of toilet tissue

o Voltage converters

o French-French & French-English dictionary

o Canvas carrying bags (trying to be green!)

o Envelopes

o Lanyard

o Books to read

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