27 July 2008

Poetic Ego: Nigerien Trigonometry and Fire in the West

Each night, we sleep beneath the stars. In Niger they are immense, brilliant, complex. It seems as if only street poetry could solve the trigonometry of the heavens...I have committed myself to these stars, that make speech vanish like vapor, these stars that bless and reaffirm the beauty of "we". After about three weeks, I am learning to call Niger home. The people here are incredibly warm and the sense of community...the sense of "we"...is very strong. Our training group has become a small family, as we work hard each week to learn the language, hausa zarma french, and learn about the culture here. My host family is amazing! I have a young sister who is two years old, and she now affectionately refers to me as "ton ton", or "uncle" in french. My host father is an english teacher at the local collège (middle school) and my host mother is a continuing her studies at the university near the capital city. We spend so much time together, which gives me a chance to practice my french and my very basic hausa. I'll update more once I get a chance. Site announcements are in three weeks! I'll find out whether I'll be en brousse (the bush) or in the city as an education volunteer! I miss everyone! Feel free to send me letters or care packages to the address on my blog website. It would be much appreciated!


NIGER1.COM said...

That is very nice i see you are enjoying Niger
this is from Moussa www.niger1.com
email me at niger1.com@Gmail.comm
watch out formosquitoes

david santos said...

Hello, Ryan.
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice week.