27 August 2008

In Remembrance: For all those who strive for the world as it should be

Dedicated to my grandmother, Mrs. Catherine Seymour Forbes, whose spirit continues to shed light despite her physical absence- May your soul rest in peace.

Sage Woman
by Ryan Forbes Morris

The wise sage woman sips galaxies for thought-(!)-
To displace the immensity of her perfect light to my
Left coast…west coast…fifth dimensions
Where my mind reassembles the rigid conscious centerings of my afro descended experience
Against the wrinkled hieroglyphics of the woman who thrust my spirit across the ocean
Offering her soul as my ink
And giving her body as my vessel
Wise woman-you have sketched my existence into the sun
With a beauty seldom spoken beyond the lucid domain of the planets
Where angels taste the urban warmth of the stars beneath the bitter blues of desert nights
Peace, Sage Woman. Through you I am bestowed poetic freedom.

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