08 August 2008

Noon-time Meditation # 1: From Amandine's Cafe

As I sit fully immersed in the smoke filled atmosphere of this café, I'll take a minute for poetic mediations...

Emotional humans fully suspend blue thoughts like jazz
Amongst the candid intermissions of the cunning lyricist
Whose lips ring truth to tired fragments of existentialist lo mein
It is she… that longs to recreate peace from stereo beat knick mind states
It is she…the queen that stands…and seeks to bestow light unto her daughters that will come NEXT…
Where funk upon a time…
‘woke vigilant souls spilled tomorrow from sun spaced trajectories
and slowly moved their fingers to recreate colors in the wind.
Reach for my hand so that I can kiss yours
So that we, mutually existing as stars, can shine as TWO beyond unfathomable limit

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