19 September 2008

Bass Heavy Dub Beats: The Cure for Incurable Lackluster

Bass Heavy Dub Beats: the cure for incurable lackluster

It’s the eighties baby…
So pick a dub.
And watch the werewolf scientist
Slowly disassemble your unmiraculous comportment to stay loose.
You instinctively pronounced that your dreary mediocrity was indestructible?
Don’t sweat the technique…and watch Him resurrect the iLLest love to forcefully intrude your misery
Where /FLY /nineteen sixty seven[1967] neon blue rushes the tape deck-
Drips from baobab leaves
And burns chocolate AFRObeat to the concrete.
Let the DUBmaster reverberate your soul to the tipping point
engage your swift inattention…
profoundly transforming your sad sorrows
to champion’s requiem.
It’s the eighties baby…where on January 32nd you’ll no longer inhabit suspicious gravity as drifter...
or beg the skies for generous reprieve
because you will feel the ground tremble
and realize that your paradise resides with the silk city dubalicious sense of things.

-Ryan Forbes Morris

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