12 September 2008

It's the eighties baby...SO PICK A DUB

Training is done today! Tonight, we will be officially sworn in at the Ambassador's residence. Today is the beginning of a very excited journey in Niger. I'll be moving to my post on Sunday, and I'll have time to get my life in order and start my "integration" into the community. Wish me luck! Big UPs to the other trainees swearing-in tonight!

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Anonymous said...

We now have the internet in our apartment and I have some catching up to do..

I've been thinking about how many new things you're experiencing and it makes me jealous! I heard from Matt that you have your own place in the city. It all just sounds so awesome, I can't wait to hear it from you. I don't believe I can call internationally from my cell phone, but I'm connected now so maybe we can skype or something.

Hope all's well,