06 November 2008

Earthtones: Bare Feet in Progressive Soil

It is Thursday November 6th, Two days after Change4th, and how incredible it has been. I have received so many emails from people back in the States describing the joy and excitement of everyone back home. I believe it! Niger caught the fever! These past two days, I've been trying to talk to people to see what this change means to them. Why is was this presidential election so important to people thousands of miles away? Many of the Nigeriens that I've talked to all agree that this election reaffirms what America is about. Everyone that I've spoken with knows that the change that Obama will bring in Niger and West Africa is mostly psychological. For the first time, people are seeing someone that looks like them, having great influence over the hearts, minds, and pride of the entire planet. Pretty incredible right? People that I've talked to know that their possibilities are endless, and they love the example that Obama has set for the children of Niger. In short, everyone here agrees that this was a revolution for beautiful change, and that politics will never ever be the same after this moment. Everytime I walk down the street, instead of being greeted with "Sannu" or "Ina kwana" or "Barka", people are raising their fists to their chests and saying "Obama! Obama! Obama!" Anyone else want to share reactions they've heard back in States or from abroad!?

05 November 2008

Innervisions: Ancestry in Progress

"When we dream beyond ourselves"...I can't even finish my sentence. This year's presidential election was one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen in my life. I feel so absolutely blessed to be alive, and to have experienced the tears of joy, hapiness, relief, progress, and faith from American citizens, and citizens of various African nations. I was able to watch the election with other American ,Nigerien, and European citizens until 6 am Wednesday morning. As our new President-elect gave his victory speech, the west african sun was literally rising above us. Ancestry in Progress. What an incredible example this has set for ourselves, and for the individuals of other countries. I am proud to call myself an American. I am proud of ALL of those who fought for the change that was realized on November 4th! Change4th! It was one of the most incredible events to witness from this mother continent. "Yes we can!" Our possibilites are limitless!

The obligatory disclaimer: The opinons/commentary expressed in this message are not the views of the United Staes Peace Corps, they are mine and mine alone.