03 December 2008

Boom: Desert Vibe Suffocation y La Estrella (Poetic Offerings II)

Desert Vibe Suffocation
by Ryan Forbes Morris

I was drowned by the Harmattan
And emptied by the hands of the Bahaushé seer
Whose arms untwisted my voice from the breath of Saharan sands
And guided my conscience to the neon complexity of day
Restoring sound to lifeless form
Where I float to the stratosphere…shining blue-green and killa peach!
Infused and then cool
Pouring blue flame as libation to afrocentric ocean
Where my body was smoked...remembered…kissed brilliant silver…and released unbound across the sky


La Estrella
by Ryan Forbes Morris

la estrella-
the seamstress of progressive thought
baptized the ocean
with sunbeams and revolutionary vision
our Sister of TRUTH… manifestation of transformative action
Who collected the sounds of Earth
Breathing jazz, afro-beat, and sweet hibiscus to my mind’s angle of song
And with commanding presence
Painted evening clouds bright sapphire
Shaped ripe moons the song of mockingbirds
self liberation
Vertically across my conscience

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