15 December 2008

Jealous Eyes: A Blues of Hope & Immensity

Jealous Eyes: A Blues of Hope & Immensity
(For Max)
By Ryan Forbes Morris

Damn the eyes of the jealous earth serpent
Who swallowed the sun
And melted
Like oak rain to cool blue nebulous lagoon.
Forthcoming in his triumph
Born bare evergreen chartreuse-
The jealous earth serpent,
Struggling to cast form to his readily dissolving shape,
Stubborn in his inability to release the sun from the grip of his being,
Called to the moon in his desperation.
Father Moon, he said, I have stolen the sun and seek your assistance.
Foolish Earth Serpent, the moon replied, you steal the greatest star of the fourth dimension and fear not swift retribution? Be gone green serpent, for you have stolen splendid amethyst from the fabric of our world!

Damn the eyes of the jealous earth serpent
Who picked the most precious jewel from the branches of our galaxy
And in his fluid dreadfulness,
Roamed through blank forests and rivers (Devoid of evening moon or sun)
Seeking some avenue of captivity for his lone descended sky gem.

Enslaved to his self pity
And envious of the Most High [craftsman of winter, eclipse, womb, and ocean]
The foolish serpent
Decided he would cast God to the earth,
And wrap the length of his tail around the universe and claim it as his own.

The warped viscous serpent,
(Who no longer drank of reality for fear that he would drown in his melted pool of self)
Looked to the north,
And searched for a winged creature to carry him to the sky.
Father Time, sensing the imbalance of this earth creature’s intention
Whispered to his crimson finch
[Who flew aimlessly in circles, drunk with the beauty of existence]
To perch upon the forest’s most fragrant eucalyptus,
And await the imprudent green serpent.

As the clouds parted (to make way for what would have been high noon)
No sun spilled forth from between the clouds
And only shadows were cast upon the crimson feathers of the earth finch.

Tears fell from the finch’s eyes, as she grieved the failed rising of the sun.
Where is my precious sun, she called. Where is the burning star, griot of this world and the next, whose Shiva-arms painted me wrapped in pristine clarity across the heavens, the earth finch cried.
And as her tears fell to the floor of the forest, their echoes attracted the glutinous slither of the earth serpent.
Alas, a winged creature to carry me to the heavens, the serpent recited beneath his impious breath, selfishly addicted to his desire to imprison our world and call it his own.
The earth serpent continued through the forest
Quietly circling the trees
(Never venturing too close for fear of rupturing his unstable form)
And slowly moved up the giant eucalyptus, toward the weeping finch.

Once again, sensing the iniquity of the earth serpent, God dipped from the heavens and whispered to the crimson earth finch,
my child, think of my most beautiful creation. It is you who must love this world enough to save it!
And so the innocent earth finch, crimson and pure of heart, closed her eyes
And in animated suspension
Spoke that her precious sun still existed as it did in her daydreams, burning ocean blue, silver, and indigo across the horizon.
As the jealous earth serpent leaped forward, and encased his fangs around the tiny crimson earth finch,
She gently lifted her wings…
And with the strength of the trees, allowed her spirit to remember
The profound weight of sunlight, air, peace, and color against her feathers.
And as the earth finch thought of such things,
As she kissed her being to the enormity of her Creator,
It was the immense soul of a minute being
(perfect in this very moment)
Whose light burned the serpent into echoing dust
Whose hope and clemency emancipated our galaxy’s bright amethyst
Whose daydreams of being suspended in the warm exquisiteness of sky
Forever vanquished the envious, insatiable, and jealous earth serpent
And restored the sun to our universe.

Ryan Forbes Morris

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