26 December 2008

Subliminal Mind Rays

Happy Holidays ! December has been a month of very amazing and rewarding work. A couple volunteers and I have began to work with a local NGO in order to give trainings to Nigeriens about HIV/AIDS, early marriage and pregnancy, contraceptive use, and girls’ education via radio show broadcasts and skits. We attended a two-day training, in which we discussed the differences between Nigerien and American perceptions of heritage, gender roles, education, wealth, and contraceptive use. Each volunteer and their Nigerien counterpart received a solar radio, which can be used in surrounding villages without electricity, to receive the radio shows and conduct small trainings (called, sensibilisations in French). It was amazing! We counterpart and I drove to a local village, and did a sensibilisation on girls' education. In the radio broadcast, a father takes his young daughter out of school, even though she is doing very well. In the sketch, the father is in love with money, and wants his daughter to get married so he can pocket the dowry. The father's sister comes to the house to visit, and finds the young girl crying, and begins to yell at the her brother about how her own lack of education has made her life much more difficult. In the village that we drove to, all of the women were passionately engaged in dialogue about the importance of educating their daughters, and how the education of their daughters was essential to the future of this country. This was a great experience, and I hope to be able to attend more! The pictures above are from the sensibilisation!

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