10 January 2009

6 months in-country! Barka!

Hey everyone,

Can you believe it!? Today, I have been in Niger for exactly 6 months! It is very hard to believe, but it has been so amazing for me to see the change and growth that has occurred not only in myself, but in the other volunteers of my group. We have reunited this week for In-Service training (IST), and it has been the first time many of us have seen each other in 3 months. Many left training speaking absolutely no Zarma or Hausa, and now they have returned to IST, having full fledged conversations in national languages! I am proud of my fellow volunteers and so excited for all of the work that we will begin at the end of this three-week training period. Thank you to everyone that has called, sent emails, letters, packages, and "bush" notes to me during this six-month period!

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