29 January 2009

Master Teachers: Poetic Offerings

Master Teachers
by Ryan Forbes Morris

(For all those that voted!)

Let me dream the dream of the master teachers
The injured physicians that must heal themselves and shed light to the unwisdom that has taken the streets.
In search of themselves, in search of you-
The spirit soldiers and lotus queens that possess the fire of the sun in their eyes
The youthful Nubian, Red, White, Yellow and Brown pharaohs and goddesses that step from Khartoum to Timbuktu to affix the galaxies and moons suspended in the gaze of pyramids to their lips
And with the most precious gifts of the universe, walk between the planets
Blue flames in hand
To paint visibility to the voiceless and vision to the forgotten
Let me dream the dream for the master teachers
Young kings and queens that climb from their thrones
And at their knees,
Kiss beauty to the wounds of those with severed wings…Young Queens. Young Kings.
…and all who confront unceasing stalemate towards the primacy of truth,
Pawn your bullets for books
And subvert the system that seeks to erase you from my dreams.

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