20 March 2009

Conference Day Jitters

Tomorrow my counterpart and I are holding our very first training with COGES presidents, secretaries, and treasurers! I am scared, I am nervous, I have to speak hausa tomorrow! We have been planning this conference for a while, and I've had control over every aspect of the conference- from its beginning stages, to the proposal writing, purchasing materials, etc.! But tomorrow, I guess it's no longer in my hands! The COGES Womens Recruitment and Organizational Strengthening Conference will be the first of its kind. We are trying to encourage COGES leadership to increase their recruitment of women, but we are also going to give them instructions about how to create intimidation-free voting environments, and how to use gender-sensitive approaches when managing meetings and COGES business. We've worked hard, and we're going to conduct 4 interactive workshops. The COGES members will be split up into 8 groups and they will hold discussions and undergo training to build their capacity. I'm excited. We'll see how everything will go. Hopefully the pre-conference jitters will pass soon. Wish me luck, and wish me perfect hausa!

06 March 2009

Peace Corps Maradi Region International Non-Governmental Organization Conference (Pictures)

Another volunteer and I planned a really nice conference where International NGOs could give presentations and talk to Peace Corps volunteers about their work in the Maradi region, to open up the opportunity for future collaboration. We worked very hard, here are some pictures of the event!

04 March 2009

A Present from Arles! (A Small Cartoon)

My former host family from Arles, France sent me this cartoon to celebrate 2009. I lived with them for two months before my Senior year at Wabash College. They are amazing, and corrected every grammatically incorrect French phrase that came out of my mouth for an entire summer! My host dad is a cartoonist, and sketched this out for me.

Thank you so much Rémy, Farida, Thomas, and Simon.

02 March 2009

Baby Naming Ceremony!!