29 April 2009

Mango Sun to Lively Up This Flight: Earth Day (Photos)

Some pictures from Earth Day. The event was planned by a very dedicated volunteer, who worked with several local Nigerien NGOs. We all traveled to a quartier in the city, gave trainings on proper hand washing to young kids, and walked around distributing handwashing posters to small shops and boutiques throughout the neighborhood. Some volunteers also went door to door, giving handwashing demonstrations to families. In addition, we picked up trashing, and talked about the importance of taking care of the environment. This was a very great project!

08 April 2009

Blue Nile

I awoke when palm trees whispered peace of mind to the ears of earth-folk
And fuchsia hummingbirds signaled the procession of
black women
rising from the waters
worshipping the sun for the delicious ebony bestowed to their hands and chocolate arms…
drinking twice of the cool river and sprinkling the third to the hot earth
Whose vines serenaded the moon, and swayed like ocean waves in the red heat of summer.
We meditate in the desert…eyes closed but forever vigilante
Tasting sweet mango from cool tiles of alabaster
Daydreaming to the fluid sounds of shape-shifting baobabs
And the blue nile breeze carrying the fragrant serenity we all seek to trap between our fingers
and breathe

-Ryan Forbes Morris

07 April 2009

Funky Highs of The Eclectic Felon

It was the eclectic felon that kicked voltage to the walls
Burned the atmosphere and
Sliced green peaches with daylight
Spilling nectar to the chosen ones
Who sit bemused and electric
Seizing from the impulses of eccentric dreams in which they
Float beneath the sun in lotus position
Die sweet honey
Re-envision existence
Spinning cashmere from AFROS upon the rings of Jupiter.
The eclectic felon, whose funky beat cross-galactically-reveberates smoooooth to tha people!
Elevates our collective grief
Where cellos smoke themselves anew
And we sip tea in triangles beneath the shaded moons of our afternoon escapism
-Ryan Forbes Morris

03 April 2009

Escapist Winds Kick the Heat: More Pictures!

Here are some pictures from the Women's Recruitment and Organizational Strenghtening Conference, a Naming Ceremony held at the home of our Program Assistant, and my trip to visit a fellow Californian and her donkey Mabel!