07 April 2009

Funky Highs of The Eclectic Felon

It was the eclectic felon that kicked voltage to the walls
Burned the atmosphere and
Sliced green peaches with daylight
Spilling nectar to the chosen ones
Who sit bemused and electric
Seizing from the impulses of eccentric dreams in which they
Float beneath the sun in lotus position
Die sweet honey
Re-envision existence
Spinning cashmere from AFROS upon the rings of Jupiter.
The eclectic felon, whose funky beat cross-galactically-reveberates smoooooth to tha people!
Elevates our collective grief
Where cellos smoke themselves anew
And we sip tea in triangles beneath the shaded moons of our afternoon escapism
-Ryan Forbes Morris

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NIGER1.COM said...

Ok mon ami je vois que c st bien