11 August 2009


Sorry for the silence! The last few months have been full of work, vacation, and extreme humidity. In May, I flew from Paris to Chicago, and met my mom, Aunt Cheryl, and Cousin Pat. I then took a bus to Indianapolis to see my brother, my godparents, old roommates, and all of my friends that are still in Indiana. After a week, I flew to California to spend more time with friends and relatives. Then, My family and I took a wondeful cruise to Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. We relaxed on white sand beaches shaded by lush mountains, swam in gentle, pristine ocean water, and ate delicious...delicious...delicious food! Here's a pictorial representation of what I did while I was in America:

So, what have I been up to since I've been back in Niger?

1. Running...lots of Running.

2. English Club- The American Embassy was gracious enough to sponser an American Corner at my MJC (maison de la jeunesse et de la culture). So they now have internet, computers, and a brand new paint job. I have been teaching english there four times a week and I love it! The students are really motivated, and my counterparts are amazing.

3. Listening to music! I got so much new music while I was in America. My iPOD definitely needed a change-up. I've also been drinking a lot of tea with my neighbors!

4. VATing! I was a volunteer assistant trainer for two weeks in August. We received new volunteers in July and I helped the director of our education program faciliate technical sessions at our training site. It was a wonderful time, and it was really great to meet everyone, and to be on the "otherside" of volunteer training.

5. Gardening! My neighbors and I planted peanuts and beans in my concession! I'll post pictures soon to show you how much everything has grown!

Current albums on rotation:

Stevie Wonder "Talking Book"
The Foreign Exchange "Leave It All Behind"
Orchestre Baka de Gbine "Gati Bongo"

and lots of Zap Mama

Currently reading : The Autiobiography of Malcolm X (had to revist this a second time!)

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